On the streets of Istanbul return bus last century

Three bus brands Bussing, Leyland and Renault-Scemia returning to the streets, writes Hurriyet daily news. Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Company (IETT) renovated buses, hoping to attract the attention of tourists to the history of public transport in Istanbul.
Trams began to walk the streets of Istanbul in 1871, when I started my job Tramway Company, but the first buses took to the streets of the city only in 1926, when France were purchased buses Renault-Scemia. These buses carried passengers until 1942 on several city routes, including route Beyazit - Taksim. In 1951-1952 he appeared on the streets of the German bus company Bussing, and in 1968 - English bus Leyland, who were in service until 1992.
Three of these brands otrestravrirovany bus, and soon begin to carry passengers. But, unfortunately, Nurriyet daily news does not specify which specific routes you can ride on the buses of the last century. However, it is likely that the buses will not change the past century traditions, and tourists can see the mobile monuments almost a hundred years ago in the area of ​​Taksim Square.