One of the major advantages of this cozy special class hotel is its views from the windows of Deluxe rooms (they are six). The hotel's roof is overlooking the Bosphorus on the one hand, and the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Cathedral on the other.

What can we say about the rooms at Tria? Room types are divided into Standard and Deluxe. They offer their guests a variety of amenities and service. Comfortable furniture, daily cleaning, best cosmetic and hygiene products...

Tria's rooms on the second and third floors are overlooking the Bosphorus, as well as if you were on the shore of the Strait. Deluxe rooms on the fourth floor give its guests the luxury of bathing in Jacuzzi in the bathroom with a window, from where you can see the Bosphorus, being hidden from the street.

The rooms are thoroughly planned - you will find a kettle and a large selection of teas. Herbal, fruit, black, green - choose and infuse! Branded bathrobes and slippers in the closet, mini-bar with 30 items

Well, and the compliment from the hosts: you will find branded bags filled with aromatic Turkish herbs at the beds in Tria's rooms. They will fill your bed with the smells of meadows and make it truly royal. We ask you to take these bags with you as a souvenir of a wonderful vacation in our hotel.

As you can see, we have devoted considerable attention to details. It is not by accident. That little things make up the general background of your holiday. We want you to be completely satisfied, so we tried to provide for the smallest detail!